Welcome to my Baja Bug Page.

Many years ago I bought a volkswagen beetle. My mission was to do a baja conversion. The project stood still the last couple of years but I am going to finish the baja bug! On these pages you can see how the project is going along. Click on the items to look at the text and pictures.
The 1972 beetle
Just before I was born I was driven in a Beetle. And just after I was born I was also driven in a Beetle to my home. This is when I was infected with the Bug virus.
Stripping the bug
The adventure starts here. Completely stripping the Beetle.
The Bodywork
When I bought the Beetle I thought that is was almost perfect. But soon the problems became visible. Rust, rust and more rust.
The chassis
After splitting the body and the chassis there only was a chassis with the wheels on it.
The Baja-kit
The big moment chopping of the nose. Then fitting the fenders, nose and the hood.
The engine
First I build myself an engine stand to mount the engine on. After that I took the engine apart.
The interior
The door panels and the dashboard will be covered with vinyl. The theme is sun, beach and palm trees.
What's on Now
On this page you can see what I'm doing at this moment.
Still to do
This is a list of things I still have to do or finish.
Files related to the build of my baja-bug.
As time goes along I will place links to web pages that I used to build my Baja.